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Enjin与LABS Group将通过NFT资产确权的方式将房地产数字化

发布时间:2021-02-02 15:25:48 来源:网络

香港时间2021.2.2 10:00 AM

LABS Group will use Enjin’s blockchain platform to mint and issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent fractionalized real estate assets —making real estate investment more accessible than ever.

LABS Group将使用Enjin的区块链平台铸造和发行代表细分房地产资产的不可分割代币(NFT),从而使房地产投资比以往任何时候都更容易。

2 February 2021, HONG KONG / SINGAPORE — Enjin and LABS Group have announced a collaboration that will enable everyday people to buy fractionalized real estate assets for as little as 100 USD and increase accessibility to real estate investment, which has been largely reserved for established institutions and wealthy investors.

2021年2月2日,香港/新加坡-Enjin与LABS Group宣布了一项合作计划,该计划将使人们能够以低至100美元的资金碎片化投资房地产资产,从而获得更多房地产投资的机会,而这一切不再局限于机构和富有的投资者。

These tokenized property titles, minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the Enjin Platform, will significantly lower the barrier to entry for investing into high-yield properties like hotels and apartments and allow approved property developers to crowdfund through a wide network of retail investors.


The tokenization of fractional shares can increase liquidity within the global real estate market, which represents the world’s largest asset class valued at $228 trillion.


By processing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, property developers and buyers can also avoid lengthy settlement periods and notoriously high third-party expenses.


“Blockchain has proven that everyday people are searching for opportunities to put their money into assets that grow in value,” said Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin. “The real estate industry offers a product that is fundamental to our survival, which is why the market is so stable. It’s only a matter of time before real estate is tokenized. Together with LABS, we can be among the first movers to disrupt one of the world’s oldest markets.”

Enjin首席执行官Maxim Blagov表示:“区块链已经证明,每天人们都在寻找机会将钱投入到价值不断增长的资产中。” “房地产对我们的生存至关重要,这就是房地产市场如此稳定的原因。 房地产被代币化只是时间问题。 与LABS合作,我们可以成为变革世界上最为传统市场的先行者之一。”

Enjin provides an NFT minting and management ecosystem that LABS plans to integrate into their platform. Approved property owners, real estate groups and developers will be able to mint NFTs that represent fragments of apartment units, hotel rooms, or entire buildings, and then trade them via the regulated LABS Security Exchange.

Enjin提供了NFT铸造和生态管理系统,LABS计划将其集成到平台中。 获准的业主,房地产集团和开发商将能够通过铸造NFT来代表所属房产,酒店客房或整栋建筑物将通过合规的LABS数字证券交易所进行交易。

Investors will be able to store and manage their real estate assets in Enjin’s blockchain wallet, as well as verify NFT ownership, uniqueness, origin, and authenticity via Enjin’s blockchain explorer.


“The goal of this initiative is actually very simple: with just 100 USD, you can invest in a luxury resort of your choice, around the world,” said Calvin NG, President of LABS Group.

LABS集团总裁Calvin NG表示:“这项计划的目标实际上非常简单:只需100美元,您就可以在全球范围内选择豪华度假胜地进行投资。”

“Enjin is considered one of the most experienced teams in the cryptoverse when it comes to NFTs,” said Yuen Wong, CEO of LABS Group. “We knew Enjin was the right choice when selecting a blockchain integration partner to represent our real estate assets. The team’s experience in building tech along with their partnerships made it a no brainer for us.”

LABS集团首席执行官Yuen Wong说:“就NFT而言,Enjin被认为是加密货币领域最有经验的团队之一。” ““我们知道,在选择区块链整合合作伙伴来代表我们的房地产资产所有权时,Enjin是正确的选择。通过Enjin团队在技术构建方面的经验让我们之间的合作目标轻易就可以实现。”

About LABS Group

关于LABS Group

LABS is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange. LABS uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure complete transparency over a borderless ecosystem where property developers and investors can interact seamlessly and with unprecedented efficiency. Real estate and blockchain professionals have brought together their expertise to devise an ecosystem of services that make property investment more accessible, more secure and more liquid. For more information, visit https://labsgroup.io/.

LABS是一个数字化投资平台,提供对不动产所有权的碎片化投资,并可以在受监管的证券交易所上交易房地产资产支持的代币。 LABS使用区块链技术和智能合约来确保在生态系统中实现完全透明,房地产开发商和投资者可以高效的进行无缝交互。 房地产和区块链专业人士通过他们的专业知识,设计一个生态系统,使房地产投资更容易,更安全和更具流动性。 关于更多信息,请访问https://labsgroup.io/。

About Enjin


In 2009, Enjin launched the Enjin Network, a gaming community platform that boasts over 20 million users. In 2017 following a successful ICO that raised $18.9 million, Enjin began building a suite of blockchain products that enable anyone to easily create, manage, trade, store, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. Comprised of the Enjin Platform, Explorer, Wallet, Beam, and other tools and services, Enjin’s tools enable game developers and studios to utilize tokenized digital assets as part of their acquisition, retention, engagement, and monetization strategies. The Enjin ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to directly back the value of Enjin-powered blockchain assets. For more information, visit https://enjin.io.

2009年,Enjin启动了Enjin Network,这是一个拥有超过2000万用户的游戏社区平台。 在2017年,ICO成功筹集了1890万美元之后,Enjin开始构建一整套区块链产品,使任何人都可以轻松地创建,管理,交易,存储,探索,分配和集成区块链资产。 由Enjin平台,Explorer,Wallet,Beam以及其他工具和服务组成,Enjin的工具使游戏开发者和工作室可以将代币化的数字资产用作其获取、留存、用户粘性和盈利策略的一部分。 Enjin生态系统由Enjin代币(ENJ)推动,ENJ是一种基于以太坊的加密货币,直接用于驱动Enjin生态系统的区块链资产。



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